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October 7, 1938

October 7, 1938
Thursday eve.

Dear Carolyn –
     Letter and proofs came on 36 I spose – but didn’t get them until noon.  We aren’t crazy about any of them – no. 1 is best of bunch – but one eye looks awfully sleepy.  No. 2 is horrid – why did you like it next best – the other one is our second choice.  I didn’t specially like the satin blouse – for pictures – it catches the light so but necklines are good.  I liked the ones you had made last year and thot they would make good application pictures.  Dad said he hardly knew you – we all thot you looked thin – how is your weight holding up?
Carolyn's senior picture

     Dad rolled in about 4:30 yesterday- he had taken more cold and was feeling punk.  Came to Greensburg on 16 and drove around thru Osgood to escape Batesville detour.  He feels better today and has been working.
     Cora Jane was here about an hour or more yesterday afternoon.  She looked so nice, grey suit with wine color satin blouse, hat, shoes, gloves + purse.  She and Enid had quite a trip to Mont[ana].  They went through Y.P. but didn’t say how – she spoke of getting to Old Faithful just in time to see it play. 
     I forgot to put blank cards in laundry – there is quite a bunch of them here.  You mentioned music in other letter but said – when you started with teaching you wouldn’t have much time for it – so that wouldn’t be any use to send it.
     We just came home from P.T.A.  Beth went to town with Bernice + Bud Fox + some other kids to see the band played first thing on program.  They have new drums which add a lot to volume of noise also to appearance.  They had “boxes” of food and pies and cakes to auction off.  Luella got my apple pie.  Rev. Sermershein gave a fine talk.
     Get a weave-it and help E[rnestine] if you want to + its ok with her.  I spose I’ll never hear the last of that yarn!  Am glad your teaching class “wasn’t bad atall”  I hope you get along alright with it and that it won’t be such an awful nuisance and take up so much time.  I was wondering –do you have to grade papers, etc?
Carolyn knitting in dorm room

     Glad Elvie can visit you this weekend – tell her hello!  The J. Assn. weekend might be a good time to have R.H. How would she make the trip home – she would likely go out with some others – but that would be her worry.  We had a hard thunder storm at noon yesterday – but it didn’t rain much – it cleared off so pretty while we were in school house and moon light is so bright – I brot in most of flowers it feels sorta frosty outside.  It’s 11 o’clock!!  Way past my bed time so toodle-loo
                                                                                Lots of love,

Friday AM – first frost! Everything white here on creek – Dad feels better – but still coughs with all his might – B is going to get her hair fixed tomorrow at Irma’s

I’ll bet Kay Olds ears are scorching!  But I imagine she wouldn’t care a whoop.  Will she move to the house or what?

Les Taylor + Dick C. are delegates to World Series in Chi- from Guilford.

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