Friday, January 10, 2014

Carolyn and Ernestine

Ernestine Hitchcock was one of Auntie Caryolyn's best friends at DePauw.  They lived in Lucy Rowland residence hall together (this is the same dorm that I lived in with my roommate Farrah).  "E" as they called her in letters was from the Pacific Northwest and became a Methodist minister after graduation.  Auntie visited E's family in the Northwest during and after college.  Ernestine visited with the Elliotts in Guilford on many breaks since it was hard to travel home by train for short holidays.  I imagine there were not very many women ministers at the time, so Ernestine was certainly a pioneer.

Ernestine and Carolyn before a formal dance at DePauw

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Special K said...

wow, love their dresses!