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Carolyn and Ernestine

Ernestine Hitchcock was one of Auntie Caryolyn's best friends at DePauw.  They lived in Lucy Rowland residence hall together (this is the same dorm that I lived in with my roommate Farrah).  "E" as they called her in letters was from the Pacific Northwest and became a Methodist minister after graduation.  Auntie visited E's family in the Northwest during and after college.  Ernestine visited with the Elliotts in Guilford on many breaks since it was hard to travel home by train for short holidays.  I imagine there were not very many women ministers at the time, so Ernestine was certainly a pioneer.

Ernestine and Carolyn before a formal dance at DePauw

October 18, 1938

October 18, 1938
Monday PM
Dear Carolyn,
                Your letter came on 16 tonight, began to think I wasn’t going to get any today.  Also had one from Mrs. Glaser saying she hoped something would happen that we could go to N.Y. with them Sun.  Our passes came and are good on the better trains – sniff sniff!  They plan to stay a week – Robert will take care of Dad’s work – Junior is in Notre Dame and they play football in N.Y.  The 29th and they plan to see the game. “Ets” sister and hubby from W.D.C. will meet them in N.Y. and go to game together.
                Georgia will likely come home for thanksgiving with Earl and Libbie – don’t you think?  K. said yesterday she thinks they will try to come again this year.  I hope we can give E. a pleasant vacation – I hope it will be “swell.”  (Earl wanted kids to get walnuts for them)
                The little square is very nice – and putting it together with angora would be lovely – I like the idea better than a checker board pattern.  It seems to me you’re making entirely too many for the time you should  have to spare.
                I usually put a little lard in popcorn – butter has too much water in it.  It doesn’t have to have anything, but adds a little flavor.  If you had butter to melt and pour over it – that would be best – but suppose you haven’t any.
                The League kids plan to have a weenie roast and rally at Manchester tomorrow evening, a bus from Bright will take the bunch over – Kay will stay here after school.
                Did you see that our P.T.A. serve supper to a bunch of men Thurs. night?  They expect over 100.  We plan to go to Logan for supper at 5 PM and get back in the time to help a little.  The Sr. girls are doing the serving.
                Did all laundry today and raked leaves this evening.  Trees aren’t very pretty this fall, it’s so dry they just ripen and fall off in a ring under the trees.  The air has been so calm, if we would have a little breeze they would all be off in a jiffy.
                Why ask me what to write to Libbie?  If you’re going to see them and stay any time – tell her your plans and ask very sweetly if it would be too much trouble to have you.
                Aunt K. is having her teeth out, took five the first time.  John T’s friend had to go home so it broke up the Sat. night date.  Beth, Leona and I went to town – there was a show they wanted to see.  We stopped for Amanda and she and I did some shopping  (window mostly) had a soda and just sat in car and talked until girls came – a little after nine.
                News is sorta scarce – we all were so tired last night 0 it lasted over for today and Dad has had a very busy day. 
Tues. AM Looks like this fine weather will last forever but of course it won’t.  Everyone O.K. Hope you are too.
                I wanted Dad to go to N.Y. with Bill F. Mrs. F. can’t leave the baby that long and Bill doesn’t want to go alone but Dad said it took so much time for the little while they would be there.  Dr. G plans to attend some other clinics while in the city.  They have their vacation with pay – with Robt. doing the work.  He did it this summer when his Dad went fishing too.
                Do you forget to tell us what you weigh or is it intentional? Answer me that!


p.s. Do you think E. will admire our wonderful paintings etc? At least – I think my mayonnaise will be the best – Ha Ha!

October 17, 1938

October 17, 1938
Mon. AM
If I write a card will have nothing to write in a letter for days.  Glad to hear from you Sat. and hope you and E. had a nice day in Indpls.  Haven’t heard how your game came out with Butler.  I brot Amanda out for S.S. yesterday.  We all went to W.F. for church hurried thru dinner and left for Madison about 12:45.  Beth went home with Kay M. for dinner and went to Madison with them.  We met Aunt Katherine & M.B. in R.S. [Rising Sun] and picked up Lida at Patriot.  Were a little late for services but got there just at 3 – the time Bailey had told us it began.  Had a nice visit with everyone but someway was a tiresome jaunt.  Dad had long trip after he got back on State Line Road and thru Logan, took A. home – on the way – so it worked out OK after all.  Expected your laundry Sat. although you hadn’t mentioned sending it – just that is was time for it.  Fine day!  Hope you are fine too,


October 15, 1938

October 15, 1938
Friday evening
Dearest Carolyn,
No postage due – but after seeing Dad’s special and feeling like I had been hit with a brick or sumpin heavy, I thot Uncle Sam had been cheated.  Was awfully sorry you had such an experience.  Monday seem to be your unlucky day.  Was glad you got over it so soon – and so well.  Dad will ans. That – he didn’t offer it to me or even leave it where it could be found.
                I haven’t found any brown handkies of yours yet – nor the films.  The pop corn pops fine – at rate we have used it – there won’t be nearly enough of it.
                Guess I haven’t told you that school got a new talkie movie.  They traded the old one in – haven’t heard who is going to pay for it.  Beth thinks it is fine.
                Dad signed her Basketball slip this year – she was all upset about and cried etc.  I hope  it’s OK I didn’t like to do it but she sure was tickled and has studied so long and hard since then – so perhaps its for the best.
                After doing most of ironing Monday I decided to rest a min. before I cleaned up.  Someone came to front door and Dad went to ans. And was greeted with a burst of laughter – Mabel Liddle and George Schick from Tulsa.  They had been to Chicago on business and were on way to Kates.
                Oscar the squirrel visits all around town – sometimes he is away for a day or two – but comes back.  He is so cunning.  I had a pail of water down by garden and he came running along – hopped upon the edge and drank for several minutes.  Carl put a box in their walnut tree for him.
                All our plans for our trip were shattered this AM when someone in office told dad that teacher’s institute is last week in Oct – the 27th and 28th .  The leaves will all  be gone by that time.  Beth hadn’t heard a word about it in school – so we called Goldie – to make sure.  We knew it was Old Gold day but that we could go to Turkey Run, Sun – and take you and perhaps Ernestine along – we thot you could get away for the day with your folks – couldn’t you?  Soo – we don’t know wha-at! Will let you know if there are any developments in case.
                You were going to ask E. What “Half and half” meant on Great Northern R.R. menu card – remember?  You havn’e mentioned Rowena and her visit lately so suppose you are skipping it – for the time being.  Beth has a blind date for tomorrow night.  John Taylor brot some kid home today and had Bernice ask her to go out with them for evening – don’t know just what. 
                You failed to tell me about Ardellas sweet farewell when you left for Mont.  I would like to try some of ‘em myself about now.
                I sorta wish you had come home with Franks last week – but knew you couldn’t with Elvie coming to see you.  They planned to leave here about eight Sun. morning and would “get home sometime during the night.”
                Dad just brot in your letter and his ans. For me to read – said I had better translate it for you.  I have fixed up some of words until I think you can read it all.  He had a mild attack of kidney stone before he went to Indpls. But it didn’t last very long or sever like he had years ago.  His cough and cold are clearing up – hope he doesn’t get any more.
                Virgil and Eve were here yesterday evening while UGIE HAS FOUR BABIES.  They like Evelyn’s new hubby – they have gone to housekeeping in Dr. Elfers old home – just have lower floor.
                Your letter to Georgia sounded as smooth and flowery as if she had written it – so no doubt she will be glad to get it. Very lovely!
                Beth had three tests today – two under Ratliff and poor kid was so worried especially about chem.  She seem to like it but gets things so mixed up – “she would.”
                Nite, nite honey chile – Coming to Indpls tomorrow?
Kay Mahler is to be on the 4H program – next month – first Sat. of Nov.  Farm and House hour – She goes to Madison tomorrow to give the demonstration with Doris V.
Sat. AM another fine day.  Everyone as usual – hope you are OK – you didn’t say what you weigh – why!
Bailey wants us to go to Madison tomorrow PM to church unification celebration its very doubtful.  Hetrick is still sick and has asked him to conduct his Quarterly meeting at W. Fork today & tomorrow.  It’s our preaching day – so we will just go up there.

October 13, 1938

October 13, 1938
Thurs. AM
Dear Carolyn,
Rec’d letter Mon – will ans soon.  Glad you had a nice visit with Elive.  We have talked N.Y. trip pro and con – but have been thinking of a “See Indiana First” trip during teachers vacation.  They haven’t mentioned it at school yet, but suppose they won’t until later.  We had thot of leaving Friday – going to Spring Mill & Brown Co – picking you up sometime – on our way to Turkey Run.  Have you anything special on for that week end?  Was wondering about R.H. but you spoke of having her the next week end.  Amanda may go along.  Leaves have fallen so fast the last few days – here in valley – it’s so dry.  Send Dad over for mail – that perhaps there would be a line from you – but was mistaken.  Will write soon.  Everyone OK.  Certainly summery last few days.


October 10, 1938

October 10, 1938
Sunday Evening

Dear Carolyn,
                I didn’t have time to scribble a note this morning when Ruth W. came – she was in a hurry. She said they were going to Clifty Falls and Spring Mill and wanted to get started in a little while.  Beth and Dad had shelled corn last night until their thumbs were sore and intended to do some more this morning.  Beth hurriedly gathered up part of your music – and I went to attic in search of the “box of things” – Ruth said you wanted them to bring.  I had shifted boxes around when I cleaned – the one I found had lanterns (you surely didn’t want them) envelope full of old cards etc. and scrapbooks.  I couldn’t imagine why you would want all that to clutter up your already full room.  Dad said it was too much stuff for them to have around – if that is the box you mean – we can get it out to you someway or if you want any special part of it – please say what.  I had worked on coat last evening –had fixed sleeve lining and other things the day before – but Dad didn’t want me to send it on such a long cross country jaunt and besides I wanted to press the lining and didn’t have time.
                The little green square is nice and very evenly made.  From what you said I thot each square was a mixture of the two colors and couldn't imagine how it could be mixed evenly or how it would look afterwards.  The yarn at Shillitos was much coarser than this and more loosely twisted.  I wonder what kind of square it would make?
                I felt like I wanted to dust off your new stationery.  It fixes periods, commas etc. in such queer places, but the printing is very nice.  I’m always glad to get a few lines from you on any kind of paper.  Very expensive?  After I sent your last letter I remembered that I hadn’t told you that kids went to see David Copperfield (I got her on this time!)
                Today had Sunday school, Huddlestons were all there, but I hear they are expecting company next Sun. (preaching day).  Anna said they had got a big surprise last night – a gift of $10 from unexpected quarters.  Earl Sutton had been there and given it to Church.  Dad said – why Cora had been to see me and I had talked to her about it – sorta stole their glory – or placed it where it belonged.  It didn't matter to me – I was provoked that Dad told them but was glad to get the extra cash for church.
                B. got her hair fixed yesterday – it looks awfully nice but not very curly – I’m wondering how it will wear.  I took her down at 12:30 Sat. did a little shopping, called on Mrs. (Dr.) Smith and then stopped at Amanda’s + Myrtle’s on way home.  Poor old Myrtle is having one awful time.  Willis and Leona fixed up a sawdust pie and put Mrs. Ashley’s name on it at P.T.A. Thurs. eve.  Lloyd Dawson got it – for 25 cents but Mrs. Ashley didn’t attend – so their fun was sorta spoiled.
                Dad went to home coming at Mt. Pleasant this afternoon. B. didn’t want to go so I took her up to Mahlers.  She + Kay were going to ball game – Guilford + Yorkville but Mr. M. had decided to go to Dillsboro and Kay wanted to go as far as Aurora + see “Rag Time Band” – so they did.  I stayed with Mrs. M. and had a nice “gabfest.”  She was at SS today.
 I haven’t made a special Hunt for brown handkies but feel sure I would have seen them when rounding up the others I sent – but will look again.
Have just found good ruler (I think) standing on edge in C. cabinet drawer at back.  Its thin with two metal edges –with C.E. down in corner – was looking again for films.
Did you ever find out from E[rnestine] what “half and half” was?  B. likes her typing and stays after school to practice. 
Mon. AM Everyone OK. Hope you and Elvie got your talk out or over or sumpin.

[typed note on scrap of paper]:

Guilford, Indiana
Oct. 9, 1938

Dear Sister,
                What do you think of my typing so far?  I sure get a kick out of doing this.  I must close as I want to go home.  B the way I stayed for typing (practice).

October 7, 1938

October 7, 1938
Thursday eve.

Dear Carolyn –
     Letter and proofs came on 36 I spose – but didn’t get them until noon.  We aren’t crazy about any of them – no. 1 is best of bunch – but one eye looks awfully sleepy.  No. 2 is horrid – why did you like it next best – the other one is our second choice.  I didn’t specially like the satin blouse – for pictures – it catches the light so but necklines are good.  I liked the ones you had made last year and thot they would make good application pictures.  Dad said he hardly knew you – we all thot you looked thin – how is your weight holding up?
Carolyn's senior picture

     Dad rolled in about 4:30 yesterday- he had taken more cold and was feeling punk.  Came to Greensburg on 16 and drove around thru Osgood to escape Batesville detour.  He feels better today and has been working.
     Cora Jane was here about an hour or more yesterday afternoon.  She looked so nice, grey suit with wine color satin blouse, hat, shoes, gloves + purse.  She and Enid had quite a trip to Mont[ana].  They went through Y.P. but didn’t say how – she spoke of getting to Old Faithful just in time to see it play. 
     I forgot to put blank cards in laundry – there is quite a bunch of them here.  You mentioned music in other letter but said – when you started with teaching you wouldn’t have much time for it – so that wouldn’t be any use to send it.
     We just came home from P.T.A.  Beth went to town with Bernice + Bud Fox + some other kids to see the band played first thing on program.  They have new drums which add a lot to volume of noise also to appearance.  They had “boxes” of food and pies and cakes to auction off.  Luella got my apple pie.  Rev. Sermershein gave a fine talk.
     Get a weave-it and help E[rnestine] if you want to + its ok with her.  I spose I’ll never hear the last of that yarn!  Am glad your teaching class “wasn’t bad atall”  I hope you get along alright with it and that it won’t be such an awful nuisance and take up so much time.  I was wondering –do you have to grade papers, etc?
Carolyn knitting in dorm room

     Glad Elvie can visit you this weekend – tell her hello!  The J. Assn. weekend might be a good time to have R.H. How would she make the trip home – she would likely go out with some others – but that would be her worry.  We had a hard thunder storm at noon yesterday – but it didn’t rain much – it cleared off so pretty while we were in school house and moon light is so bright – I brot in most of flowers it feels sorta frosty outside.  It’s 11 o’clock!!  Way past my bed time so toodle-loo
                                                                                Lots of love,

Friday AM – first frost! Everything white here on creek – Dad feels better – but still coughs with all his might – B is going to get her hair fixed tomorrow at Irma’s

I’ll bet Kay Olds ears are scorching!  But I imagine she wouldn’t care a whoop.  Will she move to the house or what?

Les Taylor + Dick C. are delegates to World Series in Chi- from Guilford.