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October 10, 1938

October 10, 1938
Sunday Evening

Dear Carolyn,
                I didn’t have time to scribble a note this morning when Ruth W. came – she was in a hurry. She said they were going to Clifty Falls and Spring Mill and wanted to get started in a little while.  Beth and Dad had shelled corn last night until their thumbs were sore and intended to do some more this morning.  Beth hurriedly gathered up part of your music – and I went to attic in search of the “box of things” – Ruth said you wanted them to bring.  I had shifted boxes around when I cleaned – the one I found had lanterns (you surely didn’t want them) envelope full of old cards etc. and scrapbooks.  I couldn’t imagine why you would want all that to clutter up your already full room.  Dad said it was too much stuff for them to have around – if that is the box you mean – we can get it out to you someway or if you want any special part of it – please say what.  I had worked on coat last evening –had fixed sleeve lining and other things the day before – but Dad didn’t want me to send it on such a long cross country jaunt and besides I wanted to press the lining and didn’t have time.
                The little green square is nice and very evenly made.  From what you said I thot each square was a mixture of the two colors and couldn't imagine how it could be mixed evenly or how it would look afterwards.  The yarn at Shillitos was much coarser than this and more loosely twisted.  I wonder what kind of square it would make?
                I felt like I wanted to dust off your new stationery.  It fixes periods, commas etc. in such queer places, but the printing is very nice.  I’m always glad to get a few lines from you on any kind of paper.  Very expensive?  After I sent your last letter I remembered that I hadn’t told you that kids went to see David Copperfield (I got her on this time!)
                Today had Sunday school, Huddlestons were all there, but I hear they are expecting company next Sun. (preaching day).  Anna said they had got a big surprise last night – a gift of $10 from unexpected quarters.  Earl Sutton had been there and given it to Church.  Dad said – why Cora had been to see me and I had talked to her about it – sorta stole their glory – or placed it where it belonged.  It didn't matter to me – I was provoked that Dad told them but was glad to get the extra cash for church.
                B. got her hair fixed yesterday – it looks awfully nice but not very curly – I’m wondering how it will wear.  I took her down at 12:30 Sat. did a little shopping, called on Mrs. (Dr.) Smith and then stopped at Amanda’s + Myrtle’s on way home.  Poor old Myrtle is having one awful time.  Willis and Leona fixed up a sawdust pie and put Mrs. Ashley’s name on it at P.T.A. Thurs. eve.  Lloyd Dawson got it – for 25 cents but Mrs. Ashley didn’t attend – so their fun was sorta spoiled.
                Dad went to home coming at Mt. Pleasant this afternoon. B. didn’t want to go so I took her up to Mahlers.  She + Kay were going to ball game – Guilford + Yorkville but Mr. M. had decided to go to Dillsboro and Kay wanted to go as far as Aurora + see “Rag Time Band” – so they did.  I stayed with Mrs. M. and had a nice “gabfest.”  She was at SS today.
 I haven’t made a special Hunt for brown handkies but feel sure I would have seen them when rounding up the others I sent – but will look again.
Have just found good ruler (I think) standing on edge in C. cabinet drawer at back.  Its thin with two metal edges –with C.E. down in corner – was looking again for films.
Did you ever find out from E[rnestine] what “half and half” was?  B. likes her typing and stays after school to practice. 
Mon. AM Everyone OK. Hope you and Elvie got your talk out or over or sumpin.

[typed note on scrap of paper]:

Guilford, Indiana
Oct. 9, 1938

Dear Sister,
                What do you think of my typing so far?  I sure get a kick out of doing this.  I must close as I want to go home.  B the way I stayed for typing (practice).


Special K said...

What's with the brown hankies?

What is sawdust pie???????

kbmulder said...

A matching hankie for every outfit, maybe?
Sawdust pie is made with egg whites graham cracker crumbs and coconut. Had to look that up!

kbmulder said...

A matching hankie for every outfit, maybe?
Sawdust pie is made with egg whites graham cracker crumbs and coconut. Had to look that up!