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October 18, 1938

October 18, 1938
Monday PM
Dear Carolyn,
                Your letter came on 16 tonight, began to think I wasn’t going to get any today.  Also had one from Mrs. Glaser saying she hoped something would happen that we could go to N.Y. with them Sun.  Our passes came and are good on the better trains – sniff sniff!  They plan to stay a week – Robert will take care of Dad’s work – Junior is in Notre Dame and they play football in N.Y.  The 29th and they plan to see the game. “Ets” sister and hubby from W.D.C. will meet them in N.Y. and go to game together.
                Georgia will likely come home for thanksgiving with Earl and Libbie – don’t you think?  K. said yesterday she thinks they will try to come again this year.  I hope we can give E. a pleasant vacation – I hope it will be “swell.”  (Earl wanted kids to get walnuts for them)
                The little square is very nice – and putting it together with angora would be lovely – I like the idea better than a checker board pattern.  It seems to me you’re making entirely too many for the time you should  have to spare.
                I usually put a little lard in popcorn – butter has too much water in it.  It doesn’t have to have anything, but adds a little flavor.  If you had butter to melt and pour over it – that would be best – but suppose you haven’t any.
                The League kids plan to have a weenie roast and rally at Manchester tomorrow evening, a bus from Bright will take the bunch over – Kay will stay here after school.
                Did you see that our P.T.A. serve supper to a bunch of men Thurs. night?  They expect over 100.  We plan to go to Logan for supper at 5 PM and get back in the time to help a little.  The Sr. girls are doing the serving.
                Did all laundry today and raked leaves this evening.  Trees aren’t very pretty this fall, it’s so dry they just ripen and fall off in a ring under the trees.  The air has been so calm, if we would have a little breeze they would all be off in a jiffy.
                Why ask me what to write to Libbie?  If you’re going to see them and stay any time – tell her your plans and ask very sweetly if it would be too much trouble to have you.
                Aunt K. is having her teeth out, took five the first time.  John T’s friend had to go home so it broke up the Sat. night date.  Beth, Leona and I went to town – there was a show they wanted to see.  We stopped for Amanda and she and I did some shopping  (window mostly) had a soda and just sat in car and talked until girls came – a little after nine.
                News is sorta scarce – we all were so tired last night 0 it lasted over for today and Dad has had a very busy day. 
Tues. AM Looks like this fine weather will last forever but of course it won’t.  Everyone O.K. Hope you are too.
                I wanted Dad to go to N.Y. with Bill F. Mrs. F. can’t leave the baby that long and Bill doesn’t want to go alone but Dad said it took so much time for the little while they would be there.  Dr. G plans to attend some other clinics while in the city.  They have their vacation with pay – with Robt. doing the work.  He did it this summer when his Dad went fishing too.
                Do you forget to tell us what you weigh or is it intentional? Answer me that!


p.s. Do you think E. will admire our wonderful paintings etc? At least – I think my mayonnaise will be the best – Ha Ha!

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