Friday, January 10, 2014

October 17, 1938

October 17, 1938
Mon. AM
If I write a card will have nothing to write in a letter for days.  Glad to hear from you Sat. and hope you and E. had a nice day in Indpls.  Haven’t heard how your game came out with Butler.  I brot Amanda out for S.S. yesterday.  We all went to W.F. for church hurried thru dinner and left for Madison about 12:45.  Beth went home with Kay M. for dinner and went to Madison with them.  We met Aunt Katherine & M.B. in R.S. [Rising Sun] and picked up Lida at Patriot.  Were a little late for services but got there just at 3 – the time Bailey had told us it began.  Had a nice visit with everyone but someway was a tiresome jaunt.  Dad had long trip after he got back on State Line Road and thru Logan, took A. home – on the way – so it worked out OK after all.  Expected your laundry Sat. although you hadn’t mentioned sending it – just that is was time for it.  Fine day!  Hope you are fine too,


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