Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Charlie Doesn't Care for Pears

We've tried various fruits and vegetables, and the only one to get a really negative response is pears. Funny, because I thought he would like the sweet taste.

Charlie TV

We have so much video, but I have been a slacker at editing and posting. Charlie is doing so many neat things at almost 6 months: rolling, trying to crawl, trying new foods, laughing alot, reaching for electronic gadgets, playing with a ball, babbling (ma ma, ba ba, etc.), sleeping through the night (sometimes), trying to sit up. It seems that 4 months is the time where he started doing lots of new things and he does something new almost every day, whether it is a face, a movement, or a sound.

We have not been to the doctor since 5 months, but at that time he weighed 18+ pounds. Who knows what size he will be for his 6 month appointment!

Now I will try to post some video so you can see just what he is up to!