Monday, April 27, 2009


After almost three years, I am graduating with my Master of Library Science and School Library Media Certification! I already participated in an academic honors convocation at IUPUI where I was awarded as one of IUPUI's Chancellor's Scholars. A certificate + scholarship! That was fun, and Charlie was in attendance to support me, along with grandparents and daddy.

Commencement is Mother's Day, May 10. We will probably opt out of the big ceremony, but go to the library science reception to celebrate with classmates and professors. I am so happy to have my degree in library science and look forward to working in that capacity for many years. But right now I am focusing on my new job of being mommy! Of course, having a mommy librarian can't hurt at all, can it??

Baby News

I have neglected to post in awhile, opting for quickie status updates and picture posts on Facebook. I hope that doesn't mean the end of my blogging, but it is quite convenient from the Ipod touch, which is where I do most of my computering.

Charlie was 4 months on Saturday, and went for a checkup today. He weighs in at 17 lbs. 4 oz. and 26.5 inches long. That puts him weigh up near the 90 percentiles. Healthy and happy! He is currently working on rolling over both ways, bearing weight on his legs (in the exersaucer), giggling, playing around with his hands, drooling, chewing on things (possibly teething?), babbling, pulling up to sitting position, and holding his head up on his own. He is a delightful boy who always has smiles and gurgles for mommy and daddy, grandparents, and nearly anyone he meets!!!

Sleeping is not copious or perfect, but it's good enough for us. We do 4-5 hour stretches at night with one or two feedings, still. And Charlie is a 45 minute napper, getting about 4 -5 naps a day. All the books say he should be doing longer naps and sleeping through the night, but our doctor said, "The funny thing about babies is that they don't read the textbooks!" I like her thoughts, makes me feel better about not having a "textbook" baby.

Yesterday, Charlie giggled (unprompted) for the first time when he saw Mollie dog. He cracked the whole room up!

Here are the latest, cutest pics of him, if you haven't caught them on Facebook:

Playing in the activity center

Easter goodies!

Tummy time!

Snoozing on Daddy's birthday

Cuddling on Mommy's birthday

Big smile playing with Grandma Mulder

With his big sun hat on!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Who stole my cheese?

Ever since the economy has been bad, I have heard and witnessed how food companies are skimping on us. By making the packaging/amount smaller, and charging the same price. Or giving smaller portions at restaurants (well, we needed that anyway) and charging the same price. Or by charging a way higher price without changing a thing.

A few months ago, I observed this phenomenon in my Swiss cheese. Come on!!! You think we don't notice that there is more air than cheese!!! And those weren't even the worst slices in the pack.

Where have you noticed the food crunch?