Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hey good lookin', whatcha got cookin'?

When I get enough rest, and Charlie takes a good nap, I like to try new recipes. Especially since we don't go out to eat much anymore. Sometimes I even make copy cat recipes from my favorite restaurants, like Olive Garden's Fettucini Al Fredo.

This month I was really on a pie kick. I made a Cherry Berry Pie (with blueberris and dark cherries) which was really yummy. I didn't make my own crust (no time for that now), but I have discovered that Pillsubry Refrigerated Rolled Pie Crust is very tasty. I also made Baked Spaghetti Pie, as well as Chicken Pot Pie (pictured below). The Chicken Pot Pie was amazing! I usually don't like my own cooking that much, but it was great! A compilation of many different recipes I looked at - made with half & half, chickenbroth, fresh chopped vegetables, lots of butter, and chicken of course.

For dessert, I made up some sugar cookies. If you've ever been to Paradise Bakery, you know that they are melt-in-your-mouth good. I found a similar recipe online, and they tasted pretty close to the original. Yum!

Happy Family!

This weekend we went to church in Martinsville to introduce Charlie to the Prince of Peace congregation. He slept right through church, even though we were sitting right next to the organ. And what a coincidence - Pastor's sermon was "Napping in Church." Ha!!! He didn't even wake up when mommy walked up for communion. But, he was awake and alert to greet his admirers after church.

Since we were all in our Sunday best, we had someone take our picture together. We are a happy family!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Charlie and Friends

Charlie has made a lot of friends in his two months, and that's saying a lot since he just started being social. We are so lucky to have so many little ones close by that Charlie can look up to and play with.

Chanda's little ones Caden and Marina have seen Charlie quite a bit and love to entertain him.

Holly's kids Ava and Finnley stopped by to visit Charlie when he was just a couple weeks old.

Our neighbors Holly and Charlie have three children- Abby and Jacob (pictured) and John. Jacob is just 4 weeks older than Charlie, so we hope they will be great playmates.

Lyna and Sam's Nathan is Charlie's Godbrother. He was quite intrigued.

Brady's mommy and daddy had birth class with us this fall. Mommies and babies went mall walking recently and shared all their baby insights so far.

Busy Boy

Charlie has been a busy boy this weekend. He went to church for the first time on Sunday and boy was he interested in all the new sights, sounds, and people. He did not sleep the entire time, but looked around. He didn't fuss much either, but was a little loud during the service just making his usual cooing noises.

He also went to see both sets of grandparents on Sunday. Granny Taylor broke her arm, so he went to cheer her up. Grandma and Grandpa Mulder just got back from Florida, so Charlie wanted to show off all the new things he could do - like smiling and gurgling. Needless to say, Charlie, Mommy, and Daddy were worn out from our activities.

Here are some of the pics from this weekend:

Looking at Grandad Taylor

Hanging out with Grandpa Mulder


Playing with Grandma Mulder

He's so worn out, so he's catching up on sleep today!