Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baby Kick!

Today I felt the baby moving around, so I kind of tapped on my belly then layed my hand there to see if I'd get a response. The baby kicked back and I felt it on the outside for the first time!!! It was so exciting and makes it seem more and more real! I tried to have Andy feel it too, but the baby wouldn't do a repeat performance right away.

Just 2 more weeks until the ultrasound! Can't wait to see what it will be!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Symptoms you never hear about

18 weeks and counting . . . I've read a lot of pregnancy books and web sites, but one thing I never heard of was hip pain. Well, I have it and it isn't any fun. It is just my hips getting ready for the birthing process, and now I have found that quite a few women out there experience this. Basically whatever side I'm laying on to sleep gets really sore after an hour, then I have to flip to the other side. This lasts all night long, which is usually 8-10 flips. So, both Andy and I are losing sleep. I did some reading on message boards and found that cushioning your hip can help, so I went in search of a pillow that I could form into a donut for my hip. I found the Snoogle at Babies R Us, which is a sort of full body pillow that can be twisted into many formations, even a nursing pillow.

Looks kind of cumbersome, huh? Well, it is, but I am happy to say it does almost eliminate hip pain and lets me sleep for about 3 hours at a time, give or take a bathroom break. People have told me the sleep you lose during pregnancy is preparing you for the sleep you lose when your baby comes. I am getting some excellent training!

How about you out there? Any hip pain during pregnancy? Any good solutions to share?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The best of times Part 2

Indiana was happy to see the arrival of two very special Californians - Carrie & Milo. I was able to see them most every day they were here, which made me very happy. Carrie is like a sister to me and Milo is my beloved Godson.

Here are my favorite pictures from their visit:

The Happiest Godmother with Nathan & Milo

Mommy/Aunt Carrie

2 Generations Upside Down Cake

Milo tries mouth golfing

Good friends enjoying fireworks

Grandma Penny & her boys

Thanks for making the week of the 4th so much fun!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The best of times Part 1

So, I thought Christmas was pretty awesome. And it was. We saw all our friends from the Rinehart clan, and then got to go to Boston to visit my in-laws and beautiful niece. Well, this summer was like an instant replay, with visitors from both coasts. I will start with some great pictures from our fun with my sister-in-law Kelly and niece Nicole:

At the Children's Museum

Riding on the carousel

Using a spoon!

Swimming at Aunt Sandy's

Sitting with Grandma & Grandpa

Looking at the bunnies

Exploring with Uncle Andy

Playing Piano!!!

We had a wonderful time with our family and are so glad they could come and visit!

Baby Moving . . . ?

I had my 16 week appointment today with my doctor. The baby's heartbeat is 150 beats per minute (I think that is the measurement). She asked if I'd felt the baby move yet, and I said I wasn't sure what that would feel like. After she mentioned it might feel like a flutter, popcorn pop, or gas, I think I felt something like that this afternoon while sitting on the couch. Didn't feel like gas, felt more like a little tap tap tap inside. Cool!

Everything seems to be just fine, and I am very happy with the good report. The only bad news is that they scheduled my ultrasound (yes, the one where we find out the sex of the baby) for Aug. 8. That's 4 whole weeks, when I thought I might get away with an 18 week US! Well, good things come to those who wait, right?

So, let's have an unofficial blogger discussion. What do you think the baby will be, boy or girl?