Saturday, June 28, 2008

Home Improvement Forum

Dear readers:

I am working on two big projects this summer: kitchen tiling and nursery. I have no idea what I'm doing yet and thought it would be best to ask the experts out there for some advice.

We have old 1970's tile that is not cool anymore and too cumbersome to clean (especially with baby spills). We have to get this tile taken up and new tile put down. I went to Floors to Go and it seemed awfully pricey. Does anyone know what I should expect to pay for each tile (12x12 or so), labor per square foot, had any good experience with national chains like Lowes or Home Depot? Any good tile brands? Where I can get the best prices?

I'm particularly thinking about cribs. What do you think about lifetime(convertible) cribs vs. standard cribs? Any brands to go for or to avoid? I know one brand was recalled the other day.

Thanks in advance for any advice. I will probably have more of these forums in the future, particularly dealing with baby products and recommendations.

This weekend's project is organizing closets and getting rid of stuff. An expert friend is coming over to be my master organizer. Yay! Need to make room for baby!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Done, done, done with classes!

Yeah! I am finally done with all my masters classes! I only have yet to complete student teaching this fall, which is pass or fail. Then I will be an MLS and a school library media specialist in December when I graduate. And become a mom at the same time. Wow!!!

The latest on baby is that I am 13.5 weeks along now. The morning sickness is gone for the most part, except I think my prenatal vitamins make me kind of nauseous. I can start to see my belly expanding a little, but most people can't tell. Except for this waitress at Steak N Shake who congratulated me last week. My first stranger who noticed I was pregnant! Baby and I get a workout every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at water aerobics, with my mom too. We are really enjoying it!

Now that school is done, it's on to other projects such as painting and decorating a nursery, preparing for baby by researching all the baby products, tiling the kitchen and painting the cabinets, and various other odds and ends, like volunteering for the State Library. Even though I'm not working, it will be a busy busy summer!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Two blogs in one day, it is a record! Well, a lot happened this weekend in Indiana causing a lot of us to be stranded at home, or for others, forced to evacuate their home. Andy and I took in my mom because she could not get back to Martinsville after the Saturday morning rains and floods. The southside of Indy got maybe about 6 inches of rain, and Martinsville almost 9 inches I think. We could go north from our house, but no where south. Mom couldn't get home any way because all the major and country roads were flooded.

John and Sarah got pretty wet down in Martinsville, but not inside their house. Their power was out and they couldn't drive much of anywhere, so they took a walk to visit my dad at the radio station. You can see some of the pictures that they took on John's myspace page:

Here is one they took of the Long John Silvers along 37, just to show you how deep the water was:

Aqua Aerobics

Mom and I started water aerobics class at Indy's Garfield Park this morning. Did you know that Garfield Park is the oldest park in Indianapolis? It is famous for the sunken gardens shown below:

We enjoyed aerobics class with about 15 other ladies (no men, don't know why) ranging from my age to about 75. It was a nice group of women and maybe we'll make some new friends. I think the workout will do me and baby a lot of good. Maybe I will have a little swimming champion!

Afterward we were hungry and went to Joe's Shelby Diner (aka Shelby Street Diner) for some comfort food. It was certainly an authentic diner with a counter and everything. We ate at the counter. Mom got a hotdog and I got the grilled cheese. They are known for their 1 pound hamburgers. Not for me! Here's the diner (classic cars were not there today):

It's fun to have free time this summer to explore more of my local neighborhood and the Indy Parks. They all have concerts throughout the summer (for free) so Andy and I plan to make some of those.