Thursday, May 29, 2008


Andy and I venturing into babyland! Around my birthday in April, we found out that I was pregnant! I am now 10.5 weeks along and everything is going smoothly. For the last 5 weeks I have been experiencing the wonderful world of morning sickness and food aversions (meat is mostly the culprit).

At week 6 & 7, I had ultrasounds done due to a little issue, but everything turned out to be fine. We were able to see the little baby's heartbeat at both sessions. It is amazing how fast they grow! Here is the progress from 4/29/2008:

There is a small arrow pointing to baby. The big black hole is the
gestational sac and the little black hole is the yolk sac.

To 5/5/2008:

The white blurry thing next to the yolk sac is the baby.
See how big it's gotten?!

We have yet to pick out a nickname for the baby, but I'm thinking Baby M. Any suggestions? Well, anyway, baby is very well traveled so far. Baby has been to Disneyworld and Seaworld and Orlando, Florida. Unfortunately, Baby did not get to go see any democratic presidential hopefuls this spring, although it wanted to.

It is quite possible that "Where to, next?" will turn into a complete baby blog. I must say it is a motivator to share news and pics. At any rate, you will probably see more frequent posting here, so stay tuned! Plus, I am getting done with classes soon, so I'll have tons of time to blog!