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October 5, 1938

October 5, 1938
Tuesday Evening

Dearest Carolyn,

     “All-alone – I’m so all alone” so I’ll talk to you awhile.  As you know Dad went to Indianapolis on 15 yesterday.  He called last night about 9:30 to see how we were and more I think to warn us not to drive to Indianapolis thru Batesville – as they are working on road tother side of B. and it is rough going, I take it.  Would like to go – but –more bother and worry than its worth – sooo -  The League kids got Mildred a water set and have all gone up there this evening.  B[eth] went with Willard + Kay + bunch of smaller kids.  Willard told me he intends to go to school at Hanover next semester.
     Am glad the dress was liked and that you enjoyed open house – at least part of the time.  I did not get the yarn – thot I made that clear in other letter.  That seemed too much to pay for sumpin to tinker with and not exactly needed.  Help E[rnestine] make hers – I imagine the thing would be rather monotonous when about one third done and someone else could just finish it or else –someway.  I’m not hankerin for the job.  Why not make another sweater you might do like Kay M – she ravels hers out + knits ‘em over each year.  She says it’s fun and she likes the change.
     The Taylor gang had a “swell” trip – 6600 miles.  They got run out of one town, arrested in another and then took the old marshall a ride in Ford, and got turned loose for it.  Charles told school kids all about it.  It was terribly hot in Los Angeles, 93⁰ was coolest it got, at night.  I’m anxious to see the pictures they took.  Some of boys tried to swim in Salt Lake – the water hurt their eyes and noses and found every little scratch they had – they couldn’t stand it very long.
     My jaw is still sorta tender – but feeling better.  Terrill pulled the old back tooth that felt achy + I had told him about another one that had been sore + bothered since he had pulled the old crowned one – “the one next to where crown was”  I had told Dad about it time + again + do you know – he skipped that one + pulled one that hadn’t even been filled.  My jaw + tongue were so paralyzed I couldn’t feel which one he was yanking on .  Dad said – “why Dr. that one doesn’t look so bad – but he just let him do it – Darn!
      Sent laundry today on 36.  The popcorn is popping much better.  B + I tried some last night but decided we better let it dry a little longer.
     Worked on books + cut out the brown plaid for B. Carles let Oscar out a few days ago – put a box in the walnut tree by their house.  He ran over to elm in our front yard + won’t come down for his bottle.
     Joe Palmer’s baby died Sun. morning – we had a busy time of it – building fire at church for first time and bunch in office.  Had about 45 in S.S. [Sunday school]  Huddlestons weren’t there – someone said that they told Bailey they wouldn’t come to church if he came back.  Loren was there.  Isn’t  that cussed.
     9:30 – Guess my honey isn’t going to call tonight.  The N.Y.C. meeting is last week in Oct. – I think. 
     Night, night honey lamb.  I s’pose you’re sitting up to all hours – with nobody there to make you go to bed.  Tell K. I said to make you – if it isn’t too much trouble for her –
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Lots of love-

Dr. & Mrs. Geo. Brother have a sow!
Wed. AM  Looks cloudy – like it might rain sometime + somewhat warmer – didn’t drag zettas in last night.  No news atall – Ethel hasn’t been knitting lately or even interested – since Bill came home.

     Leona has been down to Shanks last two weeks – Myrtle getting her teeth out – in Cinti.

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One Room Schoolhouse


      Did you know there were still one room schoolhouses in 1940?  I didn't, until I found these pictures today.  My Grandad Roger was a teacher at the Weisberg School for the 1939-1940 school year, and served at other schools prior to that.  From the letters I have been posting here recently, I know that he started dating my grandmother Beth around the fall of 1938. So, they must have had a long distance relationship during 1939-1940, as she was away at her first year at Purdue University.  He must have had some interesting stories to tell about his days teaching at the school.  I will have to see if I can find any letters or stories in his papers.

     This picture is titled My Girls.  Perhaps the teacher's pets, or maybe just the only girls in class.  From left to right: Joyce Fassold, Martena Hill, Pearl Woliung, Alvera Klemme, Ruby Woliung, Lena Eddington, and Rosalee Fagin. I recognize the name Woliung  - perhaps old family friends or relatives.  I wonder if any of these ladies is still living around Dearborn County, Indiana.  It would be wonderful to hear their stories of going to school in the one room schoolhouse in Weisberg.  This particular school reminds me of Cross School in Martinsville, Indiana where I grew up.

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Little White Church in the Valley

The Little White Church in the Valley
A poem by

Nelle Buchanan Elliott, circa 1950's

The little white church in the valley
Grows dearer each day to my heart
It stands there so peaceful and quiet
A comfort to me it imparts.

In our youth it was crowded with people
Young and old came from miles around.
And lifted their voices in praises
The hills with the echoes resound.

The churchyard was filled with vehicles
And each hitchrack hole was in use
And if a front seat pleased your fancy
You went early to get the choice pews

Just see in the old “Amen Corner”
Cousin Charles with his face all aglow
As from some deep hidden emotion
He enjoyed – as he located “do”

The faithful but deaf “Deacon” Winkley
His place was up on the front seat
Where he could enjoy all the gestures
And lead out in prayer – none could beat.

And then there was old “Uncle Jimmy”
Long ‘n land with his chinwhiskers white
Who testified loudly and longly
And pounded the bench with his might

His wife – meek and mild – wee “Aunt” Sarah
So small in her grey satin gown
Sat quietly waiting to whisper
Well chosen words – when he sat down.

“Aunt Ida” enjoyed the revivals
They suited her temperament so
Count on her to furnish excitement
Whenever the interest ran low.

Dear Grandmother – there in her bonnet
With her chin ribbons tied in a bow
Sings softly each word of the music
Her glasses – no aid – we all know.

Oh dear little church in the valley
We’re past middle age – you and I.
And many a change we have witnessed
To many a friend said goodbye.

These dear ones have gone on to glory
And soon in the front ranks I’ll be
Awaiting the call “Come up higher”
The way is well trodden for me.

You’ll remain – little church – in the valley
Helping all those who would understand
The love and the will of the Father
And the way to the glad Promise Land.


     The little country church in this poem was Guilford Methodist Church where my my great-grandparents attended, and my grandparents and Auntie & Uncle Jim were married.  My Aunt Carol and Dad were probably baptized there.  Built in 1899, it was the center of the little village known as Guilford, IN.  My family was very involved in all the activities at the church, as they lived only a few steps from it.  Today it still stands, although home to another denomination.
    The characters mentioned in the poem are actually names of family and members of the church (I looked them up!).  My great-grandmother Nelle, born in 1891, attended from the time she was a little girl until her death in 1958.  I wonder if she wrote this poem near the end of her life, reflecting on the impact the church had on her.

Original poem:

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September 28, 1938 + Snow White movie review

September 28, 1938
Tuesday eve.

Dear Carolyn,
                Two letters in one day – it sorta skeered me – at first – was afraid something had gone wrong.  Suppose you got box today – I hope the dresses weren’t messed very badly – perhaps most of wrinkles would hang out.  If you hang long one thin – a hanger – you should have a pants pasteboard to use – so wire won’t make such a sharp crease.  I took another good look for films and still I don’t find them.  Did you send them to anyone for prints?
                I haven’t seen Ethel since you left – Mr. Brandt was Bill’s father – don’t you read the Reg (Dearborn County Register)?
                Dad says to go ahead and get the Latin dictionary if you’ll need one later on.  Dad is going to med meeting Thurs. night, didn’t I tell you?  He would. Beth is planning to go to a double header ball game in Lawrenceburg that evening and I don’t especially hanker for the detour drive – Amanda doesn’t either – soo – you needn’t send ‘em any card – unless you want to.  Georgia’s dress will be gold color.
                The radio works fairly good now on some of local stations, but nothing extra.  Lots of exciting news etc.  Our own hurricane soon was replaced in the headlines.  No – I haven’t heard from the Bostonians since the storm.
                The pencils all work nicely, the tiny ones are coming.  It would have been nice to take it to her, but it doesn’t matter.  It would also have been fine if you had asked Elvie over last week end – why didn’t you think of it!  Too bad – was surprised that you got such a letter from Rowena H.  just suppose she has her own money to use now and thinks she would have a “swell” time at D.P.U. for a week end.  I wouldn’t worry any about her!  Just tell her you have most of week ends planned – for some time to come – if anything turns up that you think would interest her you would let her know.  Sounds like queer advice from Rowena – or was it in jest?  “education interfering with social activities.”
                Thanksgiving dinner is at George’s this year.  I’m wondering if Georgia met Ernie when she was at D.P.U.?  That seems now to be the best time to have her and I imagine she would rather come at that time.
                Beth, Amanda and I went to see “Snow White” last night.  Some show for little kids – I must say!  Several mothers took their little ones out.  I don’t know yet whether I liked it or not.  It’s so fantastic and unreal.  Some folks round about wept, screamed and laughed so hard – but to me it fell flat – with not a drop of real feeling in it.  Wonderful of course that things could be done like that – but?!  In places things were kinda cute, for instance the two little bluebirds that made the marks on pie crust [drawing on original letter] and sifted the flour from it’s tail.  Perhaps it was my cold and I wasn’t in the mood.  It’s better thank you.
                Beth says Bob K. is alright but he’s kinda crazy.  Our Donnie told her he was going to ask her to go to ball game too.  Might if they hadn’t called it off.  He walks over after school and goes home with his Dad.  Mr. and Mrs. Mahler walked in this evening and stayed an hour or two.  Was surprised to see her.  She seems to be gaining a little – Dad says pulse was fast. 
                Bailey’s brought Warren over today – trouble with his side.  They took him in to Christ’s [Hospital in Cincinnati] for blood count etc. but for some reason didn’t  see any doctors and they brought him back home – will see how he is tomorrow.
                I found a large copper cent while digging behind the barn Sat – fine specimen and dated 1832.  Beth and Dad are both feeling better.  I don’t think he ever had as bad a dead cold – its lasting so long – B’s wasn’t very bad -  not like she usually has.  I have been feeling ornery anyhow and with cold too!!  I think the shots have kept it from being very bad.
                Was rather surprised that Mabel called everyone out there had colds but she just had a little – not bad at all.  Nite nite, honey lamb.  Thread on bow was to use if snaps had t or changed on the end.  Pin the bow in place on front of dress.  So it can’t slide around.  Hope you and knees are OK.

[On margins]: B. got card from Taylor gang – homeward bound but are going through Texas and stopping several places.

A couple comments on this one:  I love the little drawing that Great-grandmother Nelle puts into the original letter when talking about the birds in Snow White making a pie crust.  Little details like that are why I am including the original scanned letters.  Also, note that the paragraph after the movie review is about Beth's (my grandmother's) suitors.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, 1938-39 is the year she started dating Grandad, but not quite yet:)  Although, the "Taylor gang" mentioned includes Grandad's siblings, I believe.  My grandparents' families were both early settlers of the Dearborn County, and were friends/churchmates all of their lives.

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A little detour . . . to the Victorian Era

      Another piece of family history that I inherited was my great-grandmother Nelle's scrapbook.  She worked on filling this scrapbook during her youth from about 1896-1910.  Many children and young women of the time kept scrapbooks filled with beautiful illustrations from Victorian trade cards and magazine advertisements.   Victorian trade cards became popular advertising tools in the late 1800's when color illustrations were becoming more common in advertising.  One side of a trade card looks like a greeting card or Valentine, while the other side has the print advertisement for anything from sewing machines to coffee. I have always thought these cards were gorgeous, but didn't realize their historical significance. Many libraries have collections of Victorian trade cards which have now been digitized, and there is even an Ephemera Society of America to promote interest and appreciation for these historical treasures. 
      I will post some of my great-grandmother's here for your enjoyment.  I'd like to think I have a similar eye and appreciation for beautiful things.

 Trade Card for Pozzoni's Complexion Powder, St. Louis, MO

Trade Card for the Western and Southern Life Insurance Company of Cincinnati
Created by the Henderson Lithograph Company, Cincinnati, OH

Easter Greeting Trade Card from Woolson Spice Co., Toledo, OH
Created by Knapp Lithograph Company, New York

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September 24, 1938

September 24, 1938
Friday PM

Dearest Carolyn,
                I intended to write last night – but it was late when we got home from the League party – and I worked on your dress hoping to finish it in time to send on 36 today – till Dad made me go to bed.  I was all in – have had a “Cruncher” in my neck and shoulder this week and was tired too.  We had a round with the Nash clothing man yesterday – finally decided on a black and white diagonal top coat.  Then Virgil came and talked and talked – a little later Dale drove in with one of new Plymouths with gear shift on steering wheel – I had to go for a ride and drive the thing. Dad is talking about trading the Durant.  I don’t like the looks of front but like some of other things.  Suppose one would soon get onto that gearshift, but it seems rather queer.
                B. and I had gone up to Mahlers Wed. Eve. To decide on games and refreshments etc.  Mrs. M. seems weaker to me but was sitting up by the stove which was propped up on a pile of bricks – in the dining room.  We bought lemons, oranges and cakes at Hornbachs and B. & I made lemon-orangeade last eve.  The kids had a ball game here with Lawrenceburg – sore was 3-0 for Lawrenceburg until almost the last of game when G. made three runs in a bunch and then more which was 4-3 for G.  – and were they wild!!!
                I had a lovely letter from Steve – if Wheeler had taken his vacation when he planned he would have been on the very train that had the bad wreck – but he changed to a later date to accommodate another fellow in the office.  The R.H. Smith family entertained Mary for a few days – it was funny to hear Steve tell about it.  They went to town” to learn how to shop and use good taste.”  Coz Betty Sue took them to lunch at some swell place they gave a dinner party for her – “Janet presided at the head of the table – and used the foot bell – Marie very correctly acted as maid.  “A taste of a very different life, that which we simple folks live.”  She sent a snap of Mary in a beautiful suit and a canoe on Charles River -she and Wheeler had been canoeing – he evidently took that snap.
                I’ve taken another look for your films and haven’t found them yet – could they be put away in some of your things?  I looked thru the stuff in top dresser drawer in guest room.  We can’t find the orange stick either – high or low.  The pencils finally came from Script – your pencil is black and little pencils were green and black – you certainly have a goodly supply of leads – two long boxes and two short ones and whole box of erasers.  Did you order all that lead?  I fixed up the little black one – a tin of leads and an extra eraser in a little box for Libbie and wrote “In memory of Lake Michigan & St. Joseph” and signed your & B’s name – I mailed it a few days ago. 
                The kids have their rings and are pleased with them.  B. has made an enlargement of it.  I think they are rather fancy but they like ‘em - - so why worry?  Had a card from Katherine she wants us to go in on a present for Evelyn so we will get another clock I guess.  Virgil said he thought Georgia was one of attendants.  K. said they were invited to Roy’s Sunday for dinner & that it would be too bad if we got two bids for the same day – she needn’t have worried – so for Lida’s is the only one!
                Had stoker running for a few days – wells boy fixed some little thing about it.  Dad has been trying it different ways to regulate it – hopes stoker man will come out soon to explain.  It makes the hottest fire and heats up fine – too fine for mild weather.
                I thought they talked about the East Fork Stone Church for Taylors.  That before you left.  They built it with small rock – about 6 ft. square and 4 high – made little windows and a door, clapboard roof – had green grass all around base of it.  Guess they will take it to Cinti.
                B. came home from school in tears tonight.  She has a cold – to begin with and felt punk – got a low grade on her Civics test and has one in English Mon. and don’t know a thing about it.  She washed her hair ad before she got it fixed John W. and Willard came wanting her and Kay M. to go to show tonight – she got out of it on account of her hair but has been all out of sorts – all evening – what a life!  Bob Kennedy wanted a date Sun. – she told him she was going to Patriot wouldn’t be back until late.
                The green dress didn’t change any so I shortened sleeves and skirt - !! I didn’t make it as short as some for fear it might draw up.  It seemed to wrinkle easily.  I had to change some of buttons on the long dress – after getting some on – I noticed how they caught the light and that they should all go the same way of the goods – sooo – I was wondering if it would be a good idea to lay it in paper folds in a box.  The skirt is so circular and heavy.  I’m afraid it will sag down.  I’ve kept it on guest bed – it doesn’t lay badly that way and doesn’t drag down on neck and shoulder part so much. 
                Dad has been feeling sorta punk – bowel trouble and then he cleaned farm and basement in one day and thought he got too much dust.  There is a lot of flu around and school kids have terrible colds.  From that B. says – things are going at a worse rate than last year – kids acting awful – no order or restraint – but what to do about it!  No wonder they got low grades – it seems they do everything but work and study.
                Dad has first Med meeting, T.B. meeting – a wedding and an invitation from Dr. Martin for a special dinner at their house – next Thurs. evening!  He will choose first and let the rest go hang.
                Suppose you saw in paper about Mr. Brandt and Andrews getting killed at Weisburg Crossing Wed.  We have heard so many stories about the way it happened – Bill had just got back home the night before it happened – came over to Esters and was so tired after riding on bus so far – he went to bed and slept until they called him about 11:30 AM.  Their funerals were today – they should have them together as they couldn’t tell what was who. 
Your letter was first news about the Preachers.  Sooo?  You’ve “definitely decided to go to Chi[cago]?”  When?             
Sat. AM – lovely day – hope you and knees are OK.  Where will you use the afghan you’re talking about – I don’t know what color would be best – peach is always lovely.  I didn’t know you had two teaching jobs – it sure will keep you humping.  Dad says he doesn’t want to ask for passes unless you’re sure you’ll use them.  Mail time.

September 19, 1938

September 19, 1938
Sunday evening
Dear Carolyn,
                Glad to get your letter with the pictures (on 16 last eve.)- they are “swell”! And so much more snow than when we were there.  I could hardly believe it melted as far as folks said it did. They told us it would soon be gone – I’m glad there were still big patches of it when we were there.  I can’t quite locate your position on Logan Pass.  I wish I could have stayed there a little longer, I needed a time exposure to keep all details in mind.
                We’ll be going into Cinti one of these days and I’ll see about yarn – you should have some idea of “shades of peach” they have on hands – or is it a different kind of yarn than sweaters are made of?  The “weave it” frame for your birthday and yarn for Christmas and graduation? – or sumpin?  Think you’re speeding on the sweater -! You could send a card to Indpls stores asking for samples and prices – or E. could.
                Was so glad everything was O.K. with her.  We have had our faith shaken so many times it makes us suspicious – but don’t let her know it – for goodness sake! Gee I’m glad!
                I went up to see Mrs. Mahler Fri afternoon about 4.  Beth stayed over to see Bright ball game – we won 6 to 3 I think.  She (Mrs. M) wants to move down here so badly – kids do too – they don’t like to ride on the bus and eat cold lunch.
                The weather cleared toward noon yesterday and it was fine all afternoon.  The parade was interesting.  Maude was moved over on Elm St. just a block from A.B.C. – so we went over there and sat on her porch.  Our band looked very nice and sounded as good as the other H.S. bands.  Last night B & Leona were determined to go to town to see “Gold Mine in the Sky” so we took ‘em and Dad & I went over to see the pageant.  Such a crowd!!  We got so tired being squeezed on those hard seats – we left before it was over.  Most of it was scenes of the conferences & treaties with the Indians – each one seemed very much like preceding one, the happenings between were told by different ones.  The Indians gave the same dances we saw in Glacier.  They have done a lot of talking about the whole thing – its given employment to a bunch of college kids and stirred up things in places where they went – cost a lot of money and got it moving around but honestly – I don’t think you missed such a lot.  Of course it was nicer than a Rory Street fair parade.  I hope, pretty good for old Dearborn County.  Dr. Stewart rode a horse with saddle bags and was dressed in high hat, long tailed coat and striped trousers.  We had a slim crowd at S.S.  It rained until toward noon – Landrums & Weinmans came down from E. Fork so that helped. 
                Aunt K. had a nice dinner – as usual.  Uncle Harry, Anna, Clarence and Uncle George were there besides Clara & Margaret.  Aunt Elizabeth is holding conference in Indianapolis – since Friday.  Anna said they couldn’t have it without her.  They don’t expect the Gillums back to R.S.
                Ruth W. (Wohlung?) dropped in about 8 this AM.  Wanted to know if I had anything to send out to you.  They came in late last eve and were leaving here about 9.  Perhaps you needed a fan last Monday – but you won’t tomorrow.  Temp is 56⁰ now – and furnace won’t work – we’re livingby the kitchen stove.  Brrr. . .
                Mon. AM 45⁰!!  Quite different from last Mon.  Kays sweaters etc. will feel fine today.  Very foggy.  But sure is peeking thru and looks like a good wash day.  Quite an article in Advocate about N.Y. Conference.  B & I have looked high and low for films you want – haven’t found them yet – will look again and send ‘em later. 

Dad just came rushing in with your letter –
“The East Fork Methodist Church” (sign read) will order Reg for you this week.  We did not find box of bobby pins or the fat orange stick – will either once of sticks do – can’t tell them apart.  R.S. wasn’t so bad – B rode Nelson’s pony part of time and slept part of it.  Warren & Willard went to R.S. last Sun. to see Edwin but he wasn’t home – B had wondered where they had gone in car.

Hope your knees are better – “felt better after being oiled?”  Knees or floor oiled.  Hope your work won’t be so hard when it gets working.  - Mother

Friday, September 13, 2013

September 18, 1938

September 18, 1938
Sat. 7:30 AM

Dear Carolyn,
                Suppose you rec[eive]d the pkg.  Hope you found cross & chain wrapped in powder box and that you have enough hangers.  Have a nice day for reg[istration]?  It was quite cool here and cloudy part of time.  Today it’s raining again and looks as if it would keep it up forever – in case it does they will have parade tomorrow and we can’t go to R.S. [Rising Sun] It seems I was mistaken about B’s “hurrahing.” She isn’t anxious to go – sooo!  Belva was here yesterday AM.  We went to see the little stone church Taylors are making. It’s coming! Late yesterday the Aurora & Lawrenceburg M.D.’s got interested in the parade.  Called several ties, wanted to follow Dad’s suggestions & him to get things together!!!  Too late to do anything.  When did E.H. [Ernestine Hitchcock] arrive?  Tell her “howdy” for me.  You know why I don’t want to go to R.S.

September 17, 1938

September 17, 1938
7 P.M.

Same nite, dear! Arrived home at 5:45. No calls to make and not much office work.  Trip home wasn’t bad – nice breeze.  I drove from Indianapolis to Greensburg where we stopped for gas.  Beth ate out for supper, also – same place! Dad & I finished the “Casket dinner” – we were so hungry.  Suppose your meals will all taste better in such a rosy setting.  Get it?  The pictures came on 15, will send them along first time I write.  Our radio won’t work at all!  Beth is writing to Jean tonite.  Tues. A.M. Dark and drizzly, Dad was called out early O.B.  Have the box of health lit. too bad we all forgot it.  Hope you got things all filled up. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

From Mother to Daughter 9/15/1938

September 15, 1938
Wed. P.M.

Dear Carolyn,
                Your letter came on 36 – no mail at all on early train.  Glad you are all settled once more and finally.  So far – it is a good thing we went Mon. Dad was called early yesterday on O.B. case and got back about 10 – just in time to shed his dripping duds in the last tub of clothes.  It rained off and on – but finally got things dry – did part of ironing and finished this morning.  He has been awfully busy all day yesterday and today – on trip to Batesville today.  We had hard rain during the night but cleared away this afternoon – not much cooler.  The boys are trying cut the yard.  Some job!
                I’ve worked on books and shortened Beth’s skirt.  Dad just brot(sic) in a block of 4 Iowa Centennial 3₵ stamps and wants to know if I think they are well centered!
                Someone – Mr. Walter I guess- told us that Dr. Martin went to sleep Sun. on Manchester ridge and didn’t waken until they were going thru Holton – 20 miles back to Dillsboro!  The girl evidently was bent on going home and didn't turn off to Dillsboro.  They were likely late again and I wondered if they had gotten on wrong road coming here from Batesville.  Had a card from Aunt K. today.  Clara Dean and her daughter will be there for dinner Sun.  They want to see us and haven’t (the time to come up thank goodness) so we are invited down.  B is hurrahing, was glad cause Lida put her dinner off a week. 
                When I unpacked the trunk I noticed that most of towels and pillow cases were absent.  I had put them in top drawer of Dad’s wardrobe and sure enough there they were – when we got back.  The powder box, little cross and smock are here too – will bundle them up and send ‘em soon.  Was just thinking – you might send Les Miller a D.P.U. card or sumpin’ – or did you promise to write?  You could write a little on a card.  I know Maude is very proud of him and anxious that he gets along and makes good – but I’ve sorta felt like she was trying to “sell” him to us but decided I was mistaken when she didn’t bring him out – as she said she would. 
                How do you like Grinnell picture – also Lake one?  The dark foreground is much better but distance part is poor – wish they would fix it someway so both would be good.  Beth has gone with Loren to school to practice band with Bright.  She said she hoped they wouldn’t get in a fight.  Can you imagine G & B (not P & B – Ha!) keeping in step that long?  They have to march 20 blocks!!!
                It has rained some more this evening and is much cooler.  Ruth Huddleston paid $20 on the Bright parsonage debt.  Goodie!  I think I write my letters with lines too close together – if I spaced ‘em like some – yours for instance – I’d have two pages full.  I’m wondering why – those four pictures in China cabinet – did you want them or just leftovers – B & I at Glacier Park – and three of Waterton.
                Got my first cold shot – vac. came today – Dad says that saws and hammers won’t bother any on Sunday mornings – other days you need an alarm – Thurs A.M.  Cold chilly rain from east – at least it’s coming from a different direction.
                No news of interest.  Hope it clears up for your registration tomorrow.

Where to, next? . . . 1938

     After my great aunt Carolyn "Auntie" passed away in 2011, I inherited several old letters from her collection.  She and her friends and family were prolific in their written correspondence, especially before long distance telephone calls were commonplace. I am pretty sure that Auntie never threw away any piece of mail that was addressed to her, so this is quite a large collection of letters.  Included is the correspondence between her and her mother (my great-grandmother Nelle) during her years at DePauw University.  She attended DePauw from 1935-1939, while my grandmother Beth attended Guilford (IN) High School during these same four years.  I, coincidentally, attended DePauw from 1995-1999, so these DePauw letters are of special interest to me.  Another item of interest is the budding relationship between my granddad and grandmother (Roger and Beth), which began around 1938.  Their relationship is talked about frequently in the letters from my great-grandmother to my great aunt.  A third item of interest is the everyday details of living in the small village of Guilford, Indiana, where my great-grandfather J.C. Elliott was a country doctor to all surrounding areas.  He had an office in their house, but made many house calls to farms around the area to deliver babies and treat his patients.
     Since acquiring these letters, I have read several and started to scan and transcribe them.  Great-grandmother Nelle had beautiful handwriting, so it is easy to read through her letters.  She always provides the weather of the day, happenings around Guilford and Dearborn County, and inquiries about Carolyn's time at college.  Since I am working on transcribing these letters for my own family archive, I thought it would be fun to share them on my blog.  Anyone who is interested in country life, Dearborn County/Indiana history, DePauw University, college life in the 30's or even pop-culture of the 1930's might find these letters interesting. Posting them to the blog may also give me incentive to work on this project regularly.  Stay tuned for the first installment of letters between Nelle and Carolyn Elliott, dated September 1938!
     The following are pictures of my family members and their village of Guilford, which might help give you an image of the times:

Carolyn Elliott McManaman (my great aunt)

Katherine Elizabeth "Beth" Elliott Taylor (my grandmother)

Nelle Buchanan Elliott (my great-grandmother)

Dr. John C. Elliott (my great-grandfather)

The Elliotts' house in Guilford, IN, 
which also served as J.C. Elliott's medical office

Guilford Methodist Church


A view of Guilford, Dearborn County, Indiana from the hillside