Friday, October 4, 2013

A little background on that Oct. 5 letter

     In my previous post, Nelle mentions the "Taylor gang" in her letter to Carolyn.  These Taylors were my granddad's cousins: Frank Luther Taylor and son Charles "Chuck" Taylor who was a dear friend and classmate of my grandmother Beth.  These Taylors owned Taylor Brothers Garage and Mobile Gas Station in Guilford, right across the street from the house where my grandmother and auntie grew up.  Needless to say, both sides of my dad's family were intertwined way back into the 1800's in Dearborn County.
     Anyhow, the Taylor gang likely went out to California to take "Peggy the Flying Red Horse" (a suped up Model T Ford) to participate in a parade.  The Taylors and friends who helped build her took Peggy all over the United States to participate in parades representing the Taylor Brothers Garage and the American Legion. The nickname Peggy comes from the Mobile Oil Pegasus logo. I am not sure that this was the reason for their trip to California in 1938, but after reading an old article from the Cincinnati Enquirer that is my guess. (Thanks, Cousin Margaret, for sharing this clipping via Ancestry.)

     Here is a picture of Peggy that belonged to Grandad.  Isn't she a marvel?  You can still visit Peggy in downtown Lawrenceburg, IN at the American Legion, where she is on display.